Folk Group Term 5

Week 1:

Here are the Northern English Polkas:

Lancashire Polkas – C Instruments
Lancashire Polkas – Guitar
Lancashire Polkas – Ukulele
Lancashire Polkas – Mandolin

And the unexpected Orcadian Rope waltz:

Rope Waltz – C Instruments
Rope Waltz – Guitar
Rope Waltz – Ukulele
Rope Waltz – Mandolin

Week 2:

Dashing White Sergeant and the Gallopede  – a fun dance and some nice (if a little over played) tunes.

Dashing White Seargeant – C Treble Clef
Dashing White Sergeant – C Bass Clef
Dashing White Seargeant – Guitar
Dashing White Seargeant – Ukulele
Dashing White Seargeant – Mandolin

Week 3:

La Russe – goes with the dance called La Russe!  The Bluebell Polka was popularised by Jimmy Shand and his Band in 1955 and got to 20 in the charts with it!

La Russe / Bluebell Polka – C Instruments
La Russe / Bluebell Polka – Guitar
La Russe / Bluebell Polka Ukulele
La Russe / Bluebell Polka – Mandolin

Ae Fond Kiss in C major and D major

Week 4:

With Roger Purves.

New Rigged Ship Set 150bpm

New Rigged Ship Set C Instruments
New Rigged Ship Set Guitar
New Rigged Ship Set Ukulele
New Rigged Ship Set Mandolin

Waves of Tory– This is a dance that works well with this set

Week 5:

Irish Reels – a bit of work to get those fiddly bits in, but worth it.

Irish Reels 175bpm

Irish Reels C Instruments
Irish Reels Gtr
Irish Reels Uke
Irish Reels Mando

Week 6:

Some Bourees in 2/4 and 3/8:

I’ve decided to start including MIDI files – they should just play on whatever browser you use and you can download them and play back at whatever speed you like with freeware of’ve t’internet:

Bourees 2 temps 132bpm
Bourees 3 temps 64bpm

Bourees 2 temps C Instruments
Bourees 2 temps Guitar
Bourees 2 temps Ukulele
Bourees 2 temps Mando

Bourees 3 temps C Instruments
Bourees 3 temps Guitar
Bourees 3 temps Ukulele
Bourees 3 temps Mandolin

Week 7

This week we looked at two sets:

Langdans and Jenny Nettles:

Time change set C Instruments
Time change set – Guitar
Time change set – Ukulele
Time change set – Mandolin
MIDI File – 150bpm – Time Change Set

Slip Jigs:

Slip Jigs – C Instruments
Slip Jigs – Guitar
Slip Jigs – Ukulele
Slip Jigs – Mandolin
MIDI File – 110bpm – Slip Jigs

Week 8:

Some more Gentle Irish Reels and session standards: The Wind that Shakes the Barley and Maid Behind the Bar:

Reels 2 – C Instruments
Reels 2 – Guitar
Reels 2 – Ukulele
Reels 2 – Mandolin
MIDI File – 175bpm – Reels 2

Week 9:

Dusty Miller and Risty Gulley – C Instruments
Dusty Miller and Risty Gulley – Guitar
Dusty Miller and Risty Gulley – Ukulele
Dusty Miller Risty Gulley – Mandolin

MIDI Dusty Miller and Risty Gulley 120bpm

Pleasant and Delightful – Treble Clef
Pleasant and Delightful – Guitar
Pleasant and Delightful – Ukulele
Pleasant and Delightful – Mandolin

Week 10:

Mr Lane’s Maggot is a cracking old dance tune.  I’ve changed the key to make it friendly for whistles, melodeon and ukulele. is a link to another Maggot dance from the telly.

Mr Lane’s Maggot – C Instruments
Mr Lane’s Maggot – Guitar
Mr Lane’s Maggot – Ukulele

Mr Lane’s Maggot – Mandolin

Black is the Colour is a favourite folk song of mine and I love this version by the easy club: