Folk Group Term 10

Welcome back everyone!  And welcome to our new members.

Here’s the first tune we did:

22nd Sept 2014

Si Bheag Se Mhor Treble
Si Bheag Se Mhor Gtr

Si Bheag Se Mhor Mando
Si Bheag Se Mhor Uke
Si Bheag Se Mhor Bass

MIDI File: Si Bheag Si Mhor

 29th Sept 2014

Preston City Mazurka Treble
Preston City Mazurka Gtr
Preston City Mazurka Mando
Preston City Mazurka Uke
Preston City Mazurka Bass

MIDI File: Preston City Mazurka

Thank you so much to those of you who came out to play on Saturday!

6th Oct 2014

Trip To Barnard Treble
Trip To Barnard Gtr
Trip To Barnard Mando
Trip To Barnard Uke
Trip To Barnard Bass

MIDI File: Trip to Barnard

13th Oct 2014

Kesh Morrisons Treble
Kesh Morrisons Gtr
Kesh Morrisons Mando
Kesh Morrisons Uke
Kesh Morrisons Bass

MIDI File: Kesh and Morrisons

Great gig last night Folk o’Lune!

20th October

Jenny Dang (Damn) the Weaver and Rachel Rae

Jenny Dang Rachel Rae Treble
Jenny Dang Rachel Rae Gtr
Jenny Dang Rachel Rae Mando
Jenny Dang Rachel Rae Uke
Jenny Dang Rachel Rae Bass

MIDI FILE: Jenny Dang the Weaver Rachel Rae

 3rd Nov 14

Freylach Itzikel Treble
Freylach Itzikel Gtr
Freylach Itzikel Mando
Freylach Itzikel Uke
Freylach Itzikel Bass

MIDI FILE: Freylach Itzikel

Oy Avrom Lyrics

10th Nov 14

The Wren Treble
The Wren Gtr
The Wren Mando
The Wren Uke
The Wren Bass

MIDI FILE: The Wren An Dro

17th Nov 14

Lyrics: Amazing Grace

Charming Phylis Grace Treble
Charming Phylis Grace Gtr
Charming Phylis Grace Mando
Charming Phylis Grace Uke
Charming Phylis Grace Bass

MIDI FILE: Charming Phylis Grace

I also promised I would inlcude the music for the Presbytarian Hornpipe, but had decided against teaching it to the group:

Presbytarian Treble
Presbytarian Gtr
Presbytarian Mando
Presbytarian Uke
Presbytarian Bass

MIDI FILE: The Presbytarian Hornpipe

24th Nov 14

Halting March Treble
Halting March Gtr
Halting March Mando
Halting March Uke
Halting March Bass

MIDI FILE: Halting March