Folk Group Term 22


Welcome back!

Here’s some jigs from the Betham Family Manuscript, Eden Valley, Cumbria:

Bang Upp Banjo
Bang Upp Cello
Bang Upp Gtr
Bang Upp Mando
Bang Upp Treble
Bang Upp Uke

MIDI FILE – Bang Upp

Set list for the 21st April (edited 15/04/18.  In order):

Var Det Du Eller/ Emma
The Kerry Polkas (D then G)
La Pieternelle
Cripple Creek/ Old Joe Clarke


Chinese Breakdown Banjo
Chinese Breakdown Gtr
Chinese Breakdown Mando
Chinese Breakdown Treble
Chinese Breakdown Uke
Chinese Breakdown Cello

MIDI FILE – Chinese Breakdown


Mazurka du Morvan and Old Donegal Cello
Mazurka du Morvan and Old Donegal Guitar
Mazurka du Morvan and Old Donegal Mando
Mazurka du Morvan and Old Donegal Treble
Mazurka du Morvan and Old Donegal Uke

MIDI FILE – Mazurka du Morvan and Old Donegal


Swedish Barn Dance Banjo
Swedish Barn Dance Cello

Swedish Barn Dance Gtr
Swedish Barn Dance Mando

Swedish Barn Dance Treble

Swedish Barn Dance Uke

MIDI FILE – Swedish Barn Dance

Pig Ankle Rag Banjo
Pig Ankle Rag Cello
Pig Ankle Rag Gtr
Pig Ankle Rag Mando
Pig Ankle Rag Treble
Pig Ankle Rag Treble LG
Pig Ankle Rag Uke

MIDI FILE – Pig Ankle Rag


Loose ends and prep for the Ceilidh on the 9th June

FOL Ceilidh SL 09_06_18 (if you don’t have copies of the tunes, use the search in the top right).


Barrett’s Privateers Banjo
Barrett’s Privateers Cello
Barrett’s Privateers Gtr
Barrett’s Privateers Mandolin
Barrett’s Privateers Treble
Barrett’s Privateers Uke

Barrett’s Privateers lyrics
Barrett’s Privateers Lyrics LG

MIDI FILE-Barrett’s Privateers


Allonby Lasses Banjo
Allonby Lasses Cello
Allonby Lasses Gtr
Allonby Lasses Mando
Allonby Lasses Treble
Allonby Lasses Uke

MIDI FILE – Allonby Lasses

Saturday 9th June


Planxty Fanny Powers Banjo
Planxty Fanny Powers Cello
Planxty Fanny Powers Gtr
Planxty Fanny Powers Mando
Planxty Fanny Powers Treble
Planxty Fanny Powers Uke
Planxty Fanny Powers Treble LG

MIDI FILE: Planxty Fanny Powers


Polska F Transtrand Banjo
Polska F Transtrand Cello
Polska F Transtrand Gtr
Polska F Transtrand Mando
Polska F Transtrand Treble LG
Polska F Transtrand Treble
Polska F Transtrand Uke

MIDI FILE Polska F Transtrand

Catch the Wind 23/06/18

Folk O’Lune Wind 18


Flatbush Waltz Banjo
Flatbush Waltz Cello
Flatbush Waltz Gtr
Flatbush Waltz Mando
Flatbush Waltz Treble LG
Flatbush Waltz Treble
Flatbush Waltz Uke

MIDI FILE-Flatbush Waltz

MIDI FILE – Pale Like Pernod

Pale Like Pernod Banjo
Pale Like Pernod Cello
Pale Like Pernod Gtr
Pale Like Pernod Mandolin
Pale Like Pernod Treble
Pale Like Pernod Uke


Harvest Home Banjo
Harvest Home Cello
Harvest Home Gtr
Harvest Home Mando
Harvest Home Treble
Harvest Home Uke

MIDI FILE – Harvest Home

Lads of North Tyne Banjo
Lads of North Tyne Cello
Lads of North Tyne Gtr
Lads of North Tyne Mando
Lads of North Tyne Treble
Lads of North Tyne Uke

MIDI FILE – Lads of North Tyne


Here’s an oldie, but a goodie.

Guatemala Banjo
Guatemala Cello
Guatemala Gtr
Guatemala Mando
Guatemala Treble
Guatemala Uke

MIDI File – Guatemala

16/07/18 – Unfortunately this will be the last one of the term, as I have to go north for a funeral.  See you all in September.  B.

Newcastle Banjo
Newcastle Cello
Newcastle Gtr
Newcastle Mando
Newcastle Treble
Newcastle Uke

MIDI FILE-Newcastle

Mayden Lane Banjo
Mayden Lane Cello
Mayden Lane Gtr
Mayden Lane Mando
Mayden Lane Uke
Mayden Lane Treble

MIDI FILE – Mayden Lane