Folk Group Term 9

Ceilidh on the 3rd May – arrive 7pm for start at 7:30.  End around 10pm.  Should be fun – was sounding great last night!  It’s in the St Mary’s Church Hall.

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Mon 29th April

Rufty Tufty Treble
Rufty Tufty Guitar
Rufty Tufty Guitalele
Rufty Tufty Uke
Rufty Tufty Mando
Rufty Tufty Bass

Rufty Tufty MIDI FILE – Click to Listen

Mon 5th April

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Back to Bäck Gtr
Back to Bäck Guitalele
Back to Bäck Uke

Back to Bäck Mando
Back to Bäck Bass

Back to Bäck MIDI FILE – Click to Listen

Kettle Drum – Treble
Kettle Drum – Acoustic Guitar
Kettle Drum – Guitalele
Kettle Drum – Mandolin
Kettle Drum – Bass
Kettle Drum – Ukulele

Kettle Drum MIDI FILE – Click to Listen

Mon 28th April

Mon 5th May


Mon 12th May

Koljovo Horo Treble
Koljovo Horo Bass
Koljovo Horo Gtr
Koljovo Horo Gtrlele
Koljovo Horo Mando

Mon 19th May

Zelda Uke
Zelda Bass

Zelda Gtr
Zelda Gtrlele
Zelda Mandolin

Sidi Bousaid Uke
Sidi Bousaid Bass
Sidi Bousaid Gtr
Sidi Bousaid Gtrlele
Sidi Bousaid Mando
Sidi Bousaid Treble

Mon 2nd June

Moonlight Treble
Moonlight Gtr
Moonlight Uke

Moonlight Gtrlele
Moonlight Mando
Moonlight Bass

Moonlight Ramble set MIDI File – click to listen

Mon 9th June

Josephins Waltz Treble
Josephins Waltz Gtr
Josephins Waltz Gtrlele
Josephins Waltz Uke

Josephins Waltz Mando
Josephins Waltz Bass

Mon 16th June

Lichfield Morris
Lichfield Morris
Lichfield Morris Bass
Lichfield Morris Gtr
Lichfield Morris Gtrlele
Lichfield Morris Mando
Lichfield Morris Uke

Mon 23rd June

Shalom Aliechem
Shalom Aliechem Bass
Shalom Aliechem Gtr
Shalom Aliechem Mando
Shalom Aliechem Uke

Zemer Atik Bass
Zemer Atik Gtr
Zemer Atik Gtrlele
Zemer Atik Mando
Zemer Atik Uke

Mon30th June

The Top of Maol
Maol Polkas Bass
Maol Polkas Gtr
Maol Polkas Mando
Maol Polkas Uke