Folk Group Term 19


Rattler and Bucks Cello
Rattler and Bucks Gtr
Rattler and Bucks Mando
Rattler and Bucks Treble
Rattler and Bucks Uke

Rattler and Bucks MIDI 

7/05/17 (we worked on Bucks today – we’ll come back to Papirossen another time!)

27th May at the Baptist Church in Lancaster (7:30pm start):

Papirossen – Herman Yablokoff Lyrics

Papirossen Cello
Papirossen Guitar
Papirossen Mandolin
Papirossen Treble
Papirossen Uke

Papirossen MIDI


Limerick’s Lamentation Cello
Limerick’s Lamentation Ukulele
Limerick’s Lamentation Mandolin
Limerick’s Lamentation Guitar
Limerick’s Lamentation Treble

Limericks Lamentation

SET LIST:  FOL Ceilidh SL 27_05_17


Pricipessa Mazurka Cello
Pricipessa Mazurka Uke
Pricipessa Mazurka Mandolin
Pricipessa Mazurka Guitar
Pricipessa Treble
Pricipessa Treble Lg

Pricipessa Mazurka

FOL Ceilidh SL 27_05_17

Remember it’s Half-Term next week!


Dennis Doodys Bass
Dennis Doodys Uke
Dennis Doodys Mandolin
Dennis Doodys Gtr
Dennis Doodys Treble

Dennis Doodys MIDI


Ozygovka MIDI

Ozygovka Uke
Ozygovka Treble
Ozygovka Mando
Ozygovka Gtr
Ozygovka Cello


Sorry – I was off sick!  

I’ll try to make up for it with an extra session at the end of the term.

Plans for the 24th:

Open session meeting at The Platform 1:15pm-ish for a 1:30 start

No set list needed.

Evening we meet at More Music 6:30pm for a soundcheck and to discuss what we want to do – there’s two options:

1/ We play three dances after the interval, Tarantella; Balyhoura/Savitaipaleen; Swedish Masquerade

2/ We play as people come in for 25 minutes just for listening, before playing Balyhoura/Savitaipaleen with the band

Let me know preferences.

Everyone was great all day!!! 😀


Jai vu le loup hamburger Cello
Jai vu le loup hamburger Gtr
Jai vu le loup hamburger LG
Jai vu le loup hamburger Mando
Jai vu le loup hamburger Treble
Jai vu le loup hamburger Ukulele

Jai vu le loup hamburger MIDI

So the gig we’ve been asked about is on the 29th July
It will be a ceilidh, so I’ll make a set list asap.  At St Mary’s church hall, hidden behind the GALA bingo 😉


These tunes are taken from the Rook Manuscript 

All in a Hurry Back of the Bush Cello
All in a Hurry Back of the Bush Gtr
All in a Hurry Back of the Bush Mando
All in a Hurry Back of the Bush Treble LG
 All in a Hurry Back of the Bush Treble
 All in a Hurry Back of the Bush Uke

All in a Hurry Back of the Bush MIDI


Otley Bal Waltz Cello
Otley Bal Waltz Gtr
Otley Bal Waltz Mandolin
Otley Bal Waltz Treble LG
Otley Bal Waltz Treble
Otley Bal Waltz Uke

Otley Bal Waltz MIDI

FOL Ceilidh SL 29_07_17