Folk Group Term 13

…Lucky for some….

Welcome to new members and regulars.  Here’s the tunes so far.  I’m going to work on adding some pages with everything on, but in the mean time…

Here’s copies of the ceilidh book for those who are new or newish:
Folk O Lune Ceilidh Treble
Folk O Lune Ceilidh Mando
Folk O Lune Ceilidh Gtr
Folk O Lune Ceilidh Bass
Folk O Lune Ceilidh Uke


Ca Ira Schottisch Cello
Ca Ira Schottisch Gtr
Ca Ira Schottisch Mando
Ca Ira Schottisch Treble and Harmony
Ca Ira Schottisch Treble LG
Ca Ira Schottisch Uke
MIDI File: Ca Ira Scottisch

La Sansonnette Cello
La Sansonnette Guitar
La Sansonnette Mandolin
La Sansonnette Treble LG
La Sansonnette Treble
La Sansonnette Uke
MIDI File: La Sansonnette


Mooncoin Jig Banjo
Mooncoin Jig Bass
Mooncoin Jig Gtr
Mooncoin Jig Mando
Mooncoin Jig Treble LG
Mooncoin Jig Treble
Mooncoin Jig Uke
MIDI File: Mooncoin Jig

5/10/15 and 12/10/15

#1: is a Welsh tune known as ‘Sawdl y Fuwch’ (The Cowslip); #2 seems to be Molly Oxford and perhaps not Welsh at all!
Welsh Tunes Banjo
Welsh Tunes Cello
Welsh Tunes Gtr
Welsh Tunes Mando
Welsh Tunes Treble LG
Welsh Tunes Treble
Welsh Tunes Uke
MIDI File: Welsh Tunes


Scottish Jigs in A Myxolydian (Pipe tunes)
Scottish Jigs in A Cello
Scottish Jigs in A Guitar
Scottish Jigs in A Mando
Scottish Jigs in A Treble LG
Scottish Jigs in A Treble
Scottish Jigs in A Uke
MIDI File: Scottish Jigs


Lyrics Cielito Lindo
Cielito Lindo Bass
Cielito Lindo Mando
Cielito Lindo Gtr
Cielito Lindo Treble LG
Cielito Lindo Treble
Cielito Lindo Uke

MIDI FILE: Cielito Lindo


Clare Reels Bass
Clare Reels Gtr
Clare Reels Mando
Clare Reels Treble LG
Clare Reels Treble
Care Reels Uke

MIDI FILE: Clare Reels


Galician Jigs Cello Landscape
Galician Jigs Cello Portrait
Galician Jigs Gtr
Galician Jigs Mando
Galician Jigs Treble LG
Galician Jigs Treble
Galician Jigs Uke

MIDI FILE: Galician Jigs


Valses Cello L
Valses Cello P
Valses Gtr
Valses Mando
Valses Treble LG
Valses Treble
Valses Uke



Balyhoura and Savitaipaleen

Polkas2 Bass
Polkas2 Bass LG
Polkas2 Gtr
Polkas2 Mando
Polkas2 Treble LG
Polkas2 Treble
Polkas2 Uke

MIDI FILE: Polka set 2