More Music Folk Group

A great start to thMore Music Logois group, we learned a new tune – The Lilly (Trad NW) by ear and got to know each other a little.  Small group, but lovely.  Nice to have a melodeon in the group, and to re-visit my fiddle skills, which had been pretty much left behind.

Next session we’re going to have a go at another tune and maybe go Eastern European.  Looking forward to seeing some harps and maybe a concertina join us next week.

It’s been well supported in the area with lots of people saying what a good idea it is and a special mention in the Folkus newsletter.

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  1. ben says:

    We’ve now added a couple of Kerry Polkas to the list and we’re about to learn a tune from the Ukraine. Group members can access the tunes from the workshop section along with clips of the dances we’ve learned so far.


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