Folk Group Term 6

Week 1:

Farmyard Jigs

Geese in the Bog and Price of My Pig

Some great Irish Jigs, which sound wonderful and floaty when played slow.

MIDI File – Farmyard Jigs
Farmyard Jigs – C
Farmyard Jigs – Guitar
Farmyard Jigs – Ukulele
Farmyard Jigs – Mandolin

We also practised playing the Tarantella, Swedish Masquerade and the Dashing White Sergeant/Gallopede set.

Next week we’ll go through the waltzes and ‘Farmyard set’, and we’ll also learn something new!

Week 3

Thunderhead Jig

MIDI – Thunderhead
Thunderhead – C
Thunderhead – Guitar
Thunderhead – Ukulele
Thunderhead – Mandolin

Week 4


MIDI: Schaufelstil
Schaufelstil – C
Schaufelstil – Guitar
Schaufelstil – Ukulele
Schaufelstil – Mandolin

Week 5

Wreck of the Old 97

Wreck of the Old 97

Play tune, two verses, tune, two verses and so on, before going into Little Liza Jane.

Week 6

Little Liza Jane

MIDI – Liza Jane
Liza Jane – C instruments
Liza Jane – Guitar
Liza Jane – Mandolin
Liza Jane – Ukulele

Week 7

Bear Dance

MIDI – Bear Dance
Bear Dance – C instruments
Bear Dance – Guitar
Bear Dance – Ukulele
Bear Dance – Mandolin

Playford Set

MIDI – Portsmouth
Portsmouth – C instruments
Portsmouth – Guitar
Portsmouth – Ukulele
Portsmouth – Mandolin

Week 8

Pilling Moss

MIDI – Pilling Moss
Pilling Moss – C Instruments
Pilling Moss – Guitar
Pilling Moss – Ukulele
Pilling Moss – Mandolin

Here’s the music for Saturday, as played by us!

Wreck and Little Liza.mp3
Old Lancaster Hornpipe.mp3
Pleasant and Delightful.mp3
Willafjord and Rochdale Coconut Dance.mp3

Rochdale Coconut Dance – new and improved in Mandolin flavour!

Week 9

I was off and Roger came to do this song and tune with you, which we often play together:

Buy Broom Besoms – Treble Clef
Buy Broom Besoms – Guitar
Buy Broom Besoms – Ukulele
Buy Broom Besoms – Mandolin
Holmes Fancy- Treble Clef
Holmes Fancy – Guitar
Holmes Fancy – Ukulele
Holmes Fancy – Mandolin

Week 10

West End Festival preparations and prep for 3rd of August: Warton’s Play-Fest, round up of the year and two new Welsh Tunes:

MIDI: Welsh Reels
Welsh Reels – Treble Clef
Welsh Reels – Guitar
Welsh Reels – Ukulele
Welsh Reels – Mandolin

Performance Sets for the Summer

Janet’s Bagpipe Set
Old Lancaster (gets faster)
Old 97/Little Liza

Pilling Moss
(Willafjord again?)
Pleasant and Delightful

Have I missed a set?