Folk Group Term 2

The Ash Plant (Reel) and Drowsy Maggie (Reel).

A swinging set of Irish tunes that never seem to want to finish.  In E minor.

C instruments: Ashplant; Drowsy Maggie
Guitar Tab: Ashplant; Drowsy Maggie
Mandolin Tab: Ashplant; Drowsy Maggie
Ukulele Tab: Ashplant; Drowsy Maggie

A couple of American Reels.

A set of American tunes – sometimes used for nursery-rhyme type songs (“I Found a little baby bumblebee…”), but still really good – cliche’s work!

C instruments: Arkansas Traveller Whisky Before Breakfast
Guitar and Mandolin Tab: Arkansas Traveller Whisky Before Breakfast
Ukulele Tab:

Old Joe Clark AKA “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll”

Lyrics: Old Joe Clark
C instruments: Old Joe Clark
Guitar Tab: Old Joe Clark
Mandolin Tab: Old Joe Clark

Westmorland (Waltz)

A simply beautiful and fairly local waltz.

C instruments: Westmorland
Guitar Tab: Westmorland
Mandolin Tab: Westmorland
Ukulele Tab: Westmorland

3/4 Bouree

Treble C instruments: 3/4 Bouree
Bass C instruments: 3/4 Bouree
Guitar Tab: 3/4 Bouree
Mandolin Tab: 3/4 Bouree
Ukulele Tab: 3/4 Bouree

Burning of the Piper’s Hut

Treble C instruments: Burning of the Piper’s Hut
Bass C instruments: Burning of the Piper’s Hut
Guitar Tab: Burning of the Piper’s Hut
Mandolin Tab: Burning of the Piper’s Hut
Ukulele Tab: Burning of the Pipers Hut Uke

Rochdale Coconut Dance (Reel)

Not danced in Rochdale any more, but here’s some dancers from the Bacup Coco-nutters

C instruments: Rochdale Coconut Dance
Guitar Tab: Rochdale Coconut Dance
Mandolin Tab: Rochdale Coconut Dance
Ukulele Tab: Rochdale Coconut Dance

L’inconnu de Limoise (Mazurka)

Here’s the mazurka we learned – 1, 2, hop, 1 2 3

C instruments: L’inconnu de Limoise
Guitar Tab: L’inconnu de Limoise
Mandolin Tab: L’inconnu de Limoise
Ukulele Tab: L’Inconnu de Limoise

Old Lancaster Hornpipe (3/2 Hornpipe)

C instruments: Old Lancaster
Guitar Tab: Old Lancaster
Mandolin Tab: Old Lancaster
Ukulele Tab: Old Lancaster

Cader Idris (Waltz)

A mountain in the south of Snowdonia.

The most widespread explanation for the name of the mountain is based on the fact that Cadair means “chair”. Cadair Idris would thus translate as “the chair of Idris”, and the Idris in question is usually taken to be a giant from Welsh mythology who was said to have used the mountain as an enormous armchair to gaze at the stars

C instruments: Cader Idris
Guitar Tab: Cader Idris
Mandolin Tab: Cader Idris
Ukulele Tab: Cader Idris

Chanter’s Song (Polka)

C instruments: Chanter’s Song
Guitar Tab: Chanter’s Song
Mandolin Tab: Chanter’s Song
Ukulele Tab: Chanter’s Song

Rights of Man (Hornpipe)

Possibly written after the pamphlet by Thomas Paine in 1791, which was influential in supporting the French Revolution and promoting the overthrow of the British monarchy.  He poses the argument that popular political revolution is permissible when a government does not safeguard its people, their natural rights and their national interests.

C instruments: Rights of Man
Guitar Tab: Rights of Man
Mandolin Tab: Rights of Man
Ukulele Tab: Rights of Man

King of the Fairies (Hornpipe)

It’s considered a “non-traditional set” for modern stepdancers, which means that a stepdancer would dance a choreographed set to it rather than one that’s been handed down.  In competition dancers would dance first the step (the A part), and then the set (the B part).  Because of time constraints, they usually only dance the right foot of the B, so if you’re playing for a dancer’s set, you’d play AAA, B.

C instruments: King of the Fairies
Guitar Tab: King of the Fairies
Mandolin Tab: King of the Fairies
Ukulele Tab: King of the Fairies

Atholl Highlanders

The Atholl Highlanders is a Scottish infantry regiment. Based in Blair Atholl, the regiment is not part of the British Army. Instead, the regiment is in the private employ of the Duke of Atholl, making it the United Kingdom’s, and indeed Europe’s, only legal private army.

C instruments: Atholl Highlanders
Guitar Tab: Atholl Highlanders
Mandolin Tab: Atholl Highlanders
Ukulele Tab: Atholl Highlanders