Getting ready for Friday…

More Music’s Folk and Traditional Music group are having their first outing on Friday. This is a message for them:

Really good practise last night – I’m looking forward to our performance at the Made in Morecambe event on Friday.

Set list:
Kerry Polka (in G)
La Marianne (intro from Rob, with a “…2,3”
Keel Row (intro by Rhythm section)
Scotland the Brave (with blalalalalal at the end)

You’re all great, so good luck and enjoy it!


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2 Responses to Getting ready for Friday…

  1. deb n sam says:

    Performing onstage last night was scary and brilliant! I know you were ill Ben, so thankyou for being there!!!!

    • ben says:

      I was really proud of everyone last night. it really showed how much work everyone had put in to preparing for it. I’m convalescing now, but I’m very glad I made the effort!

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