New Term at More Music

More Music LogoThe new term starts on 26th September at More Music, with the Folk Group continuing from 7-9pm as usual £4.  We will be learning a variety of music from all over and preparing for some performances…

Unfortunately it has been agreed not to continue the Ukulele group on Tuesday nights.  Ukulele parts will be provided for those who fancy joining the Folk Group, but the dedicated group is no more.  Huge thanks to those regular members and please keep in touch!

Lancaster Folk Festival

News update: Got a message this morning from Matt who was continuing with the festival.  He’s unfortunately decided that it’s not a goer this year, but there are still hopes for the future.  Sorry if you’ve changed your plans to try to get to it or be involved.

Busy summer

Street Accordion Blackburn Canal Festival
Blackburn Canal Festival

It’s a bit of a crazy summer, with workshops at Lancaster University and Lytham Festival, walkabout squeezing at Blackburn Canal Fest; Morecambe Street Party; Burnley Canal Festival etc. and various weddings and events with Price of My Pig and as the new manager (and continuing sound engineer) of The Groove Cutters.  Oh and Morecambe’s Seaside Sculpture day with the Folk o’Lune yesterday…

Lots of fun!