More Music Folk Group

A great start to thMore Music Logois group, we learned a new tune – The Lilly (Trad NW) by ear and got to know each other a little.  Small group, but lovely.  Nice to have a melodeon in the group, and to re-visit my fiddle skills, which had been pretty much left behind.

Next session we’re going to have a go at another tune and maybe go Eastern European.  Looking forward to seeing some harps and maybe a concertina join us next week.

It’s been well supported in the area with lots of people saying what a good idea it is and a special mention in the Folkus newsletter.

WorldFolk aftermath

Ben and Jane
photo by Paul Sholefield

Really enjoyed this festival.  There was a limited audience by the time we got to play, but those that came in were really keen.

Had a great time playing with Jane Lawrence and (Baksheesh headlining the event).

baksheesh wintergardens
photo by Paul Sholefield

The Winter Gardens is such an amazing venue and the sound was great.  Me and Jane were likened to Spiers and Boden and I don’t think anyone had heard/seen a band like Baksheesh before especially when Desna, the belly dancer appeared from backstage and danced up the isles!

Traditional Folk Music Group at More Music

More Music LogoI’m running a folk group for More Music in Morecambe starting on the 19th September.  Should be a great opportunity for local beginners and intermediate players to gain confidence in their playing before trying out a ‘real’ session.

Every Monday night from 6-8.

Should be fun, swapping tunes, dances and ideas.

There’s an open day on Saturday 17th, so come down and see what’s on offer if you’re interested.

Flyer here


WorldFolk event this weekend at the Winter Gardens, Morecambe

Playing two spots at Kalimba’s WorldFolk event at the Winter Gardens in Morecambe this weekend.  In a duo with Jane Lawrence and with Balkan band, Baksheesh.   Should be good fun!

Had a rehearsal with Jane Lawrence the other day (we’re playing as a duo for it).  Really nice to re-visit some of those old tunes and play them with so much life.

I’m also playing with Baksheesh – think we may be headlining?  It all seems very last minute, but should be good fun for all and I’m quite excited to see some of the other acts…

Photos/Music coming soon I hope…