Urgent Notice for More Music Folk Group:

Unfortunately due to a family bereavement the group is cancelled next week (23rd July).  We’re due to start the new autumn term on the 3rd September.  Have a lovely summer.  B.

“Formidable squeezing” Lancaster Jazz Festival

Ben is a “highly talented & versatile accordion, melodeon, bass & ukelele-ist , music teacher and workshop leader” (AndyHornby.net), and has a degree in Popular Music from the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts and a PGCE from the University of Lancaster.  Ben is an experienced teacher and workshop leader, working for Lancashire Music Service and More Music on a wide variety of projects and regular folk music workshops.

Vintage Ben Farmer
Photo by Barry Marshall Vintage by the Sea Festival

Ben plays music from all sorts of cultures and styles of music from around the world and

enjoys new challenges!  He’s available for and experienced in playing for a wide variety of functions from weddings to funerals and every occasion between.







Burnley Canal Festival
Burnley Canal Festival

He teaches classroom music in a high school in Blackpool three days a week, where he leads a very popular Ukulele Orchestra and Samba Band amongst many other things.  It’s an active job, but he still finds time to teach on his days off and play with one of his bands.



He plays regularly with a few bands: Price of My Pig on melodeon/accordion; Gobble deGook on piano; Tabuka (ceilidhs and klezmer) on accordion and Djangolele on ukuleles.

…and provides Live Sound services for a variety of bands and events in the North West.

…and calls ceilidh dances for Price of My Pig, Tabuka and others.