Folk Group Term 23


MIDI FILE- Mylecharaine’s March

Mylecharaine’s March Banjo
Mylecharaine’s March Cello
Mylecharaine’s March Gtr
Mylecharaine’s March Mando
Mylecharaine’s March Treble
Mylecharaine’s March Uke

Here’s a couple of versions – first one is not march tempo!

Our Ship Did Sail Banjo
Our Ship Did Sail Cello
Our Ship Did Sail Gtr
Our Ship Did Sail Mando
Our Ship Did Sail Treble
Our Ship Did Sail Uke

MIDI FILE: Our Ship Did Sail


MIDI File – Trumpet Hornpipe

Trumpet Hornpipe Banjo
Trumpet Hornpipe Cello
Trumpet Hornpipe Gtr
Trumpet Hornpipe Mando
Trumpet Hornpipe Treble LG
Trumpet Hornpipe Treble
Trumpet Hornpipe Uke


Galway Girl Banjo
Galway girl vocal melody Banjo
Galway Girl Cello
Galway girl vocal melody Cello
Galway Girl Gtr
Galway girl vocal melody Gtr
Galway Girl Mando
Galway girl vocal melody Mando
Galway Girl Treble
Galway girl vocal melody Treble
Galway Girl Uke
Galway girl vocal melody Uke


The Lilac Banjo
The Lilac Cello
The Lilac Gtr
The Lilac Mandolin
The Lilac Treble
The Lilac Uke

MIDI FILE: The Lilac



As requested!

Sukacko Kolo Lyrics

MIDI FILE-Sukacko Kolo

Sukacko Kolo Cello
Sukacko Kolo Uke
Sukacko Kolo Mando
Sukacko Kolo Banjo
Sukacko Kolo Gtr
Sukacko Kolo Treble


Chips and Shavins Banjo
Chips and Shavins Cello
Chips and Shavins Gtr
Chips and Shavins Mando
Chips and Shavins Treble
Chips and Shavins Uke

MIDI FILE-Chips and Shavins

As Sweet As A Pink,Gigg Banjo
As Sweet As A Pink,Gigg Cello
As Sweet As A Pink,Gigg Gtr
As Sweet As A Pink,Gigg Mando
As Sweet As A Pink,Gigg Treble
As Sweet As A Pink,Gigg Uke

MIDI FILE: As Sweet As A Pink,Gigg


Sonjas Kitchen Cello
Sonjas Kitchen Banjo
Sonjas Kitchen Gtr
Sonjas Kitchen Mando
Sonjas Kitchen Uke
Sonjas Kitchen Treble

MIDI FILE: Sonjas Kitchen


Mekhutonim Tsum Tish Banjo
Mekhutonim Tsum Tish Cello
Mekhutonim Tsum Tish Gtr
Mekhutonim Tsum Tish Mando
Mekhutonim Tsum Tish Treble
Mekhutonim Tsum Tish Uke

MIDI FILE-Mekhutonim Tsum Tish


Tango Uke
Tango Treble
Tango Mando
Tango Gtr
Tango Banjo with chords for John!
Tango Cello


More Music Lantern Festival plans so far…

Set 1: Meet at 4:30.  Play 4:45 to 5:15

Set 2: Meet at 5:45.  Play 6:00 to 6:30

Set List in no particular order…
Mekhutonim Tsum Tish
L’Attente/ Lilac Reel
Mazurka Ecolliers de St Genest/ Mazurka des Servant
Trip to Cartmel – intro, A (with harmony), B, A, B (with harmony), intro, B (with harmony end on the D)
Trumpet Hornpipe/ Annie’s Favourite (“Hornpipe”)
Galway Girl
Pant Cor yr Wyn/ Ffidle Ffadl

Food for thought: they’ve asked if we can include at least one xmas tune/song


Wexford Carol Banjo
Wexford Carol Cello
Wexford Carol Gtr
Wexford Carol Mando
Wexford Carol Uke
Wexford Carol Vocal SAT

MIDI FILE-Wexford Carol Vocal SAT


Holly and Ivy Banjo
Holly and Ivy Cello
Holly and Ivy Gtr
Holly and Ivy Mando
Holly and Ivy Lyrics
Holly and Ivy Treble
Holly and Ivy Uke


Random Uke
Random Treble
Random Mando
Random Banjo
Random Cello
Random Gtr