Monday Folk Group

Enjoyed meeting some new group members on Monday – so many guitars!  Good luck with the tunes.  They’re now on the website under workshops –> more music (current).  If you need them in a different format, don’t hesitate to ask.


Folk session at the Hot House last night.

Really nice session, with a few players I don’t know and some that I did.  Many thanks to those who attended and made it such a success.  I’m still digesting the pie and peas!  (Not good for my diet, but what the hey).  In discussions with More Music, but looking at making it a termly affair.  Lovely venue, I thought, with the upstairs room completely transformed by the barrier to make for a much more cosy atmosphere.  Really nice to catch up with some of the folk group members too and to meet some of those planning to start on Monday.

Folk Group at More Music Term Two

Looking forward to the new term at More Music – looks like we’ve got a couple of new starters joining us and I’ve got some swinging toons set up and ready to go.  See you soon guys – 16th Jan, upstairs at the Hot House, Devonshire Road, Morecambe. 7-9pm