Lantern Night

Lantern Night for More Music is rapidly approaching: 14th December and I’m looking forward to taking the folk group out again after our success at the Made in Morecambe event.

On Sunday 4 December between 11am and 4pm, local artists Anna Read and Graham Lowe will be working with people to create beautiful lanterns made of tissue, paper and willow that can be carried on the procession on the evening of the festival.

Getting ready for Friday…

More Music’s Folk and Traditional Music group are having their first outing on Friday. This is a message for them:

Really good practise last night – I’m looking forward to our performance at the Made in Morecambe event on Friday.

Set list:
Kerry Polka (in G)
La Marianne (intro from Rob, with a “…2,3”
Keel Row (intro by Rhythm section)
Scotland the Brave (with blalalalalal at the end)

You’re all great, so good luck and enjoy it!


Made in Morecambe 2011

Our folk group are getting ready to play at this event on the 18th November. Our rehearsal last night was brilliant! Well done everyone!

Tunes we’re playing include:
Kerry Polka (in G)
The Keel Row
Scotland the Brave and
La Marianne


A pretty good set considering we’ve only been going for half a term!

Keep it up folks.

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