Half Term

Loving the starMMMLogoRedt of the holidays.

The folk group at More Music’s Hot House is on holiday too and practising hard with the tunes we’ve been learning, to get ready for the More Music Showcase night on November 18th.  Come down and take a look if you’re in the area!

Lancaster Music Festival

Lancaster Music Festival
15th-17th October 2011

Lancaster music festival is coming up – the whole town and a whole bunch of venues will be throbbing to world, folk, jazz, blues, rock, punk, pop, funk,… and more (over 100 acts!).  This year also brings a return of the much missed Lancaster Maritime Festival.

and… all the pub performances at the festival are free to see!

Two performances at the Maritime – Saturday 5-7pm at the Three Mariners and  ‘Baksheesh’ at the Wagon and Horses from 9-11:30pm!

Should be fun!